Taking kids from foster parents over politics is prejudice of worst kind

REPORTS regarding Rotherham Council’s decision to remove foster children from a family because the family are members of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is ridiculous.

It is claimed that UKIP’s immigration policy is racist. I am personally disgusted and consider this as political prejudice of the very worst kind.

Let me make it quite clear that, as a member of UKIP, the party’s policy is not racist in any way. I support a five-year halt on immigration unless they have a job to go to and have enough money to support themselves over a short time.

This is similar to the requirements of Australia and other countries and is upheld by a great number of British people.

Rotherham Council is Labour controlled, it was a Labour government that opened the floodgates to immigration, to allow the situation we find ourselves in now.

We cannot carry on with the numbers entering the country.

It seems funny to me that this statement by Rotherham Council comes, just before a byelection in the town. I believe it is obvious they are very worried, after the massive support UKIP have gained recently, especially in the Corby election, that they are definitely threatened, and may loose their majority.

Furthermore, I wish to be let it be known that I am not in any way racist.


Member of UKIP,