Tap seams of creativity to revive this ex-mining town

WHAT interesting letters have appeared in the Dispatch over the last couple of weeks regarding the decline of Hucknall town centre (pictured).

It is cheering to me that there are people in the town who care enough about its future to sit down and write such long and well-informed letters.

It later occurred to me that to revive this once-prosperous old mining town, maybe it is time to ‘mine the seams of creativity’ that obviously lie below the surface. So come on Dispatch, do your bit. There are ideas out there. Could you run an ‘H 4 H’ (Hucknall For Hucknall). Let’s stimulate the creativity that’s already here.

For starters, we could try free parking every afternoon from 2 pm. That would encourage people to shop at less busy times.

Then, while we’re at it, what’s wrong with free market stalls for people on a Thursday afternoon? ‘Home-made in Hucknall?’ ‘Home grown in Hucknall?’

Even individuals/businesses based in the town could market their skills for an hour or so. A market does not have to only sell things.

Let’s be proud of what we can do.

Let’s think how we can help each other while helping our town.

The possibilities are endless.


Copeland Avenue