Tesco store staff walked by and ignored my distressed, blood-soaked daughter

I AM writing to say thankyou to some customers who helped me in the Bulwell Tesco store on the afternoon of Thursday December 22.

My five-year-old daughter unfortunately had a really bad nose-bleed while we were shopping in the store.

Her clothes were covered, and blood was dripping through my fingers trying to stop it. There was a puddle of blood on the floor, and she was crying her eyes out.

This happened upstairs, right next to a staff entrance, and at least half a dozen members of Tesco staff went by during this. Not one of them offered me any help whatsover. Not a single word was said to me. They all just looked away and walked on past.

This made my daughter more upset, and she asked why nobody was helping.

I cannot believe none of them asked if I needed some wipes or tissues, or if they could call someone for me.

Even from a health and safety point of view, surely they should not have left a puddle of blood in the middle of the floor unattended?

Fortunately, the Tesco customers are a lot more thoughtful.

A huge thankyou to the lovely people who stopped and helped me, asking if I was OK, talking to my daughter to calm her down, handing me wipes one at a time to try and clean me, her and the floor, and giving me a bag to put all the blood-soaked tissues in.

Your help meant an awful lot to me, and I am very grateful to you. Thanks again.