Thanks to organisers of Remembrance event

I READ Dave Hardstaff’s Letter in last week’s Dispatch (‘We Were Gutted Over Failure Of Remembrance PA System’) and would like to say thankyou to Dave and his volunteers who organise the Remembrance service at Titchfield Park for all of us.

I know some of us voice our unhappiness over PA problems but, Dave is right, we must not forget the many people who organise and take part in the wonderful and essential event.

I have many memories of organising big events and I know first hand what problems can arise, so thank you to the young people who stood at the cenotaph corners so smartly, thanks to all those organisations who presented wreathes and did us proud, thanks to the band who’s music is second to none, to the providers of the PA system who did their best, to the police for monitoring the parade and to all those who paraded through the streets of Hucknall to witness this event, and not forgetting the people who provided refreshments after the event. No doubt there are others who I don’t know about, so to them thankyou and again most of all thanks Dave for all you and your team do despite our moans.

Let us not forget the task these people undertake.



(Address supplied).