The plague of noise that is the evening ice-cream van

I WOULD like to ask fellow readers if they are suffering from a new plague of noise in Hucknall, specifically that of the evening ice-cream van.

Now forgive me if I seem like a crochety old man, but in my day, ice-cream vans used to happily tootle around in hot weather during the afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays, providing a familiar sight and sound and service to the urban landscape.

However, over the past month, we have the early-to-late-evening ice-cream man, all of the sevice and none of the charm.

You can hear his banshee-like siren blaring out from approximately 6 pm through to 9 pm and later.

Never mind if you work shifts, never mind if you want to get the kids to bed and ready for school.

Not only can you suffer this at the weekend, but this service is provided all week long in all weathers.

I have already heard neighbours remonstrate with the gentleman involved, but alas, it would appear he is somewhat insensitive to common sense.

Now in these hard times, you cannot blame a guy for grafting hard and wanting to make a crust, but please, can it be done at a sensible time, not after 6 pm?

I know it’s not against the law, but it is really annoying. If you are the gentleman concerned, please spare a thought for those trying to get some sleep!



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