The reason why Nick Clegg is looking so miserable

I AM writing in response to Kenneth Billson’s query in the Dispatch as to why the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg looks so miserable.

Could it be he is thinking: what on earth am I doing sitting here feeling unwanted? He looks like a lamb among wolves that are waiting to pounce at their earliest opportunity.

Make no bones about it, this Coalition partnership wasn’t formed for the benefit of the country. It gave the Lib Dems a smell of power that, as a party, they had not smelt for 70 years.

I am sure Clegg thinks at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House Of Commons: “Doesn’t this bloke realise there’s no ‘I’ in team. We are all in this together. When do I get a chance?”

I wonder if his political pants are oozing as the Tory backbenches start to make their views known — that they can’t carry out the full act of Conservatism with a bunch of headless chickens in tow.

I was watching the Chancellor give a speech in the House, and the look of unease on Vince Cable’s face was immeasurable. Now there is a man who, before and during the election campaign, made some credible arguments and statements on the economy. But when two became one, he quickly realised that to say what you feel was no longer acceptable.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in the House Of Commons. They have what I believe are called prayer cards that they put behind the seats to claim the right to sit there, and there is all kind of jostling to prove dominance for the now-televised Prime Minister’s Questions.

But the Lib Dems have a reason to look miserable. I am afraid they were always going to be the third horse in a three-horse race, and the long-term future for the Lib Dems as a party looks bleak.

But I am sure Mr Billson knows that.


Kenbrook Road, Hucknall.