The ‘us and them’ system is about to fall

MAY I offer my thoughts to two Letters published in last week’s Dispatch which have a similar vein.

First, Kenneth Billson`s accusation about ‘our weak government’. We have never really had a weak government of whatever persuasion. They just look after their own.

After all, we live in a two-tier system and it`s the top tier they pander to.

Second, the Letter from Adrian Halford about horse droppings at the children’s playground on the Washdyke Lane recreation ground in Hucknall. He talks about us and them. Quite right. Horse droppings are common, together with the animals’ hooves cutting up the grass. I understood that horses were not allowed on the area. I might be wrong but money rules. If it was a motorbike cutting up the grass or dog droppings, there would be trouble .

Political systems all over the world are in turmoil. It makes one wonder how long before we follow — but follow we will unless things change. Western civilisation will follow the Greeks and Romans etc and fall.


Washdyke Lane,