Time to punish drivers who abuse parent and child spaces

I AM beginning to lose track of the number of times I have travelled into Hucknall and the town’s Tesco superstore with my children to be faced with the same old scenario of ignorant motorists.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, those drivers who blatantly abuse the mother and child parking spaces that are set aside in the car park.

These spots do what they say on the tin — they are specifically set aside for parents with children.

They are wider, which helps when getting youngsters out of their seats. And they afford extra space so children can be kept out of the line of other traffic entering the car park.

Yet, unbelievably, other motorists, minus children, think it is okay to park up in these bays.

One of the biggest annoyances is the driver who uses the excuse, ‘I will only be a couple of minutes’.

They don’t care that, in the meantime, a parent, somewhere else in the car park, is struggling with a couple of children, in a tight space, with bags and all the necessary bits and bobs they must carry.

The message is clear, it doesn’t matter whether you are popping to the cash point, nipping into the store for your Lottery or just buying a loaf of bread — only use these spaces if you are entitled to do so.

On a couple of occasions, I have confronted such motorists.

But do they care? Not a jot.

There are two big issues at play here.

One is the fact that there is a lack of community spirit and thought among drivers.

Secondly, more needs to be done by the store — and others across the county who have similar spaces — to manage their use.

The only way to stop this abuse of the special bays is to fine drivers who use them illegally.

If someone was committing the same anti-social behaviour by parking in a spot for disabled road users, I am sure that something would be done as a matter of urgency.

Come on, spare a thought for the parents, both mums and dads, who have enough on their plate while taking children shopping. You are only adding to our struggles with your thoughtless behaviour.



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