Time to stop outlandish increases in energy charges

SO, Hucknall’s Conservative MP, Mark Spencer, has hit out at increasingly high rail fares. (last week’s Dispatch).

Surely Mr Spencer, your efforts should be focused more on the hike once again in the price for our gas and electric.

British Gas has again announced an increase of six per cent. This is after making a profit of £1.6 billion.

I cannot see any justification in these increases. I know rail fares affect some of us, but energy prices affect us all.

Perhaps our elected members of Parliament, throughout our surrounding areas and of all political parties, should voice their opinions and call on Parliament to curb these outlandish increases, which I know many of our local residents can ill afford, coupled with all the other price increases handed to us by this government and Notts County Council.

Let us not forget that elections are coming again soon, and we are starting to look at another General Election.

Remember, Labour borrowed and we ended up in the mess we find ouselves in now. The big black hole they created then will get even bigger.


Hucknall resident

and UKIP member.