Tory ideologies getting in the way of facts

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WHAT pleasant reading in last week’s ‘Your Opinions’ to be informed of the restoration of the Japanese-style country gardens at Bestwood Country Park.

However the Letter-writer, Coun Richard Butler (Con), felt the need to put right his political allegiances.

I think I can live with that, but then he made numerous mentions of the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS). As I read on, it became clear what LIS really meant — Lost In Space.

Has Coun Butler been following what has been happening? When Conservative ministers are interviewed on TV or radio, they drop the gramophone needle on the groove that plays ‘Labour got us into this mess’. The interviewers are quick to point out that ‘yes, we have all heard about that but let’s talk about what really got us into this mess, like the collapse of Lehman Brothers and how it spread like wildfire through the banking system on a global basis. Was it right for the government of the day to bail out the banks or should they have let them sink, taking savers and all with them?’

There was nothing wrong with the government spending up to the financial crash in 2008. The Conservatives even offered to match it.

It looks to me like the lead Labour bought to mend Northern Rock’s leaky roof, the Tories will be weighing it in to pay for their ideologies.

I haven’t seen the Japanese garden yet. I am sure it looks nice.


Kenbrook Road, Hucknall.