Trent Buses have always fought to drive their rivals out of Hucknall

I TOTALLY agree with the Letter in the Dispatch from G.F., who wrote about the Blue bus route which has been reinstated (‘Bus Re-Launch Is Cynical Ploy To Drive Competitiors Off The Road’).

When I found out this route was going to be taken off, I wrote to Alex Hornby, of Trent Barton, several times. I almost begged him to reconsider but he was adamant he would go ahead with his decision.

The reason he gave was that the buses were making a considerable loss and the only way the Hucknall people would retain any sort of service was to axe the Blue route.

I wasn’t at all surprised when Mr Hornby decided to bring the service back and I knew straight away the reason why. G.F. hit the nail on the head!

I again e-mailed Mr Hornby to ask him how on earth he has managed to bring this vital service back. I can tell you I fell on the floor laughing when he told me why. The reason was that he had realised the Hucknall people needed this service back. He had bowed to peer pressure and succumbed!

So Trent have brought back this service because although money was extremely short and the Hucknall people were fine with the new service (this is what Mr Hornby had told me), Mr Hornby realised we needed it.

Oh no, it’s not because rivals Premiere Travel have launched a new bus-service that goes directly into Nottingham for £2 return! Not only that, it’s only £5 for a whole week! Plus the buses are mostly double-deckers, warm, reliable and fast. It must be fabulous for people who work in Nottingham.

I’m pleading with the Hucknall people, please use this service or it will be gone, and if it does, go guess what will happen. Yes, you’ve guessed right. Our Blue route will go.

Trent Buses have done this several times over the years. They have fought to keep any rival sevice from Hucknall.

When Camms turned up in the town many years ago, the rival drivers would barter the fares at the bus stop. It was great only having to pay 1p for a bus ride. But we knew the inevitable would happen and it did. Trent forced Camms out of town and as soon as they did, Trent increased the fares.

Try the new service. We need it and I hope we can keep it.



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