Urgent action should be taken on unstable building

I AM a resident of Hucknall who regularly walks along Baker Street to get to town and back home from work.

The pavement has been cordoned off for several weeks around a building that doesn’t look stable and is to let or for sale.

The signage on either side recommends that pedestrians use the other pavement.

It’s not a safe place to be crossing the road, and so many people walk on the side of the road for the short distance until they can rejoin the pavement.

I have seen how quickly the wall and the retaining fence were repaired after the major crash on Sunday June 26 on Baker Street.

However, it’s not safe for people, including the elderly, small children and those with mobility challenges, to walk on the road.

If you cross at the traffic lights, there is no other safe place to cross until quite a way up Annesley road.

Something needs to be done urgently to allow pedestrians use of that section of pavement again before someone gets hurt.



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