Vandalised wall left in dangerous state for eight weeks

ALBERT Street is in the centre of Hucknall and one of the first things that is seen by visitors to the town. It does not look a pretty site.

Some eight weeks ago, vandals at the junction of Albert Street and Perlethorpe Drive damaged a wall (pictured).

At first it was thought the damage was only minor, although very dangerous, and over the last eight weeks, the damage had increased significantly.

It was reported to Coun John Wilmott (Lab), Hucknall’s deputy leader of Ashfield District Council, more than six weeks ago and he informed the town-centre manager and Notts County Council’s lead member for community safety.

Nothing has yet been done about this problem.

Eight weeks is a long time to leave this wall in a dangerous state without some sort of barrier being placed around it.

To say this is one of the roads leading to High Street and to Hucknall Leisure Centre, it is in a poor state of repair with potholes and dangerous, uneven pavements.

There is an unofficial car park, which is allowing mud and gravel to run into the street and block the drains. We also have drivers going the wrong way up a one-way street to enter this land.

Do we have to wait for the £13 million town-centre improvement scheme to be given the go-ahead or can our councillors take this problem on board and authorise these improvements?



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