Views of residents taken on board with any potential house building

IN response to Nottingham Road Resident (‘Hucknall Will Be Transformed Into One Huge Housing Estate’) in last week’s Dispatch.

I have been working on this issue with a number of residents on Nottingham Road and the matter is also being dealt with by the planning department at Ashfield District Coucnil. All of this is in conjunction with the residents’ views on Nottingham Road.

Let me stress that the planning department at the council has stated the following:

‘Any resident on Nottingham Road who has contacted us where land is in their ownership will be removed from any allocation if they have no intention of disposing of their land.’

This means that anyone not willing to sell their land will not be included in any potential development plans. The planning department has written to each individual household concerned on Nottingham Road to clarify individual positions on this.

I can also confirm that the planning department, quite rightly, has sent written letters of apology to certain

individuals as some gardens appeared on the plans that weren’t supposed to be included.

Now let’s talk about why we need more houses, because in case anybody didn’t know, there is a very serious housing crisis in the UK.

More than 50,000 families and individuals were classed as homeless in 2011/12, up from 40,020 in 2009/10. The coalition’s welfare reform bill, universal credit and ‘bedroom tax’ policies will only exacerbate this problem and will result in more people becoming homeless in the future.

Ashfield District Council has a responsibility to address this, with 4,909 people already on the waiting list for council housing across the district we believe the time to act is now.

Ashfield District Council is proud to announce that it is THIS Labour administration that is planning to build the first round of modern council housing since 1984. If that isn’t something we can all be proud of I don’t know what is.

Obviously it is important we take into consideration people’s concerns for environmental and wildlife issues and prioritise any potential development on other sites that aren’t Green Belt or green spaces.

In relation to the concerns of residents on Nottingham Road, the planning officers have notified the residents on the road that if any of them would like to meet with them to discuss these plans further they are more than happy to meet at a mutually convenient time.

If anybody would like to meet or discuss this with myself, I too would be more than happy.

You can find my contact details on the Ashfield District Council website.


Hucknall East,

Ashfield District Council.