We are free, so shopkeepers can serve who they want

As I sit here in one of our fine local clubs, eating mushy peas ( and there is a large amount of bullets amongst them ), my mind wanders to your comments page and the eloquent letter from Mr Leighton Upson regarding the purchase of loo rolls from our ‘beloved’ Tesco.

I would never be able to write such an educated letter, having come from a different age, leaving school at 14/15 to go down the pit, unable to read and write properly.

In my 50s things started to improve. The mines closed and I could get some fresh air in my lungs.

I am sorry to say that to say that the point of Mr Leighton Upson’s letter is wrong, we fought in two world wars so that people could be free and feel safe in their homes and this means that shopkeepers are at liberty to serve who they wish within the laws of the land. Is it not?

john pinfold,

Washdyke Lane,