We need REAL democracy and politicians who are accountable

IN last week’s ‘Your Opinions’, Charlie Short reminded us of the decent, hard-working people in local politics. What a shame that all their valiant, selfless effort appears to create no change.

I agree with him that democracy is a beautiful concept, so let us live in one. Let us have a Parliament that represents the people, an elected House Of Lords, judges and police chiefs.

We could even use the electoral system that political parties use. Is it called AV?

We could also utilise an old English tradition of voting for the monarch. We could even adopt the Swiss system of direct democracy.

Politicians must be accountable. Pledges and promises should have defined outcomes and timelines. These promises should be regularly reviewed, by the electorate, and remedial action taken if their performance falls short.

I am sure that this system of management is not unknown to the majority of us. Politicians could be removed without having to wait for the next election. It may even give them second thoughts before they promise anything.

When that time comes, of a real democracy, then some of us could seek election, as Charlie suggests. How about the-don’t-vote-for-me-I-am-not-a-politician party. Or the I-promise-to-tell-the-truth- and-keep-my-promises-otherwise-I-will-resign-immediately party?

A previous reader stated: roll on the next election. The dilemma at the moment is who would you vote for?

Conservative — cuts and sell-offs. Labour — mismanagement of the economy. Liberal Democrats — who will trust them ever again? UKIP — do they think we will ever leave Europe?

After all, who would our politicians have to blame but themselves?

Perhaps we should all vote independent or for none of the above.


Minster Close,