We were gutted over failure of Remembrance PA system

THERE is not space to answer in full all of Mr Willow’s considered criticism in the Dispatch (‘Faces Of Dismay And Horror Over Misfiring Remembrance Sunday Address System’).

But having spent the best part of three months planning and preparing for this year’s service, it would be true to say we were ‘gutted’ at the failure of the PA system.

There were so many positives to report on: the remarkable turnout, the perfect weather, the 11 am silence, which was achieved bang on time, and the faultless performance of the two cadets reading the commemoration.

However, once again a technical issue takes the headlines.

Mr Willows makes some valid points regarding future procurement of such a system and obviously other avenues may have to be explored.

However, when an open invitation was put out via the Dispatch for help two years ago, the only response came from the gentleman who has supplied and operated his equipment for the last two years. He too was understandably distraught last Sunday.

Until recently, a large black and white photograph was hung in the Red Lion pub in Hucknall.

I believe it showed a Remembrance event in te 1920s with the cenotaph surrounded by hundreds of people and not a microphone in sight.

At the end of the day, and no way am I trying to make excuses, the general public are well aware of what Remembrance is all about — turning out in public to take part in the two minutes’ silence and to show respect for our war dead.

So please let’s get real. The event was put together once again by a small group of volunteers from participating organisations in their spare time.

A full rehearsal is just not practical and therefore means that, as always, we have to rely on everything coming together on the day.

I feel confident that with those contraints in mind, everything reasonable was done to stage a successful event.

On a more positive note, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all participants and the public of Hucknall for their support during not only this year’s Remembrance parade and service but also the preceding Poppy Appeal.


Remembrance Day


Hucknall Royal

British Legion.