Why does everything have to be named after Byron?

I FIND I have to agree with Alan Best, who questioned through the pages of the Dispatch why Hucknall’s new business centre is to be named after Byron (‘Byron’s Reputation And His Links To Hucknall Are Dubious’).

Why does any new venture that comes to Hucknall have to be named after Byron?

Who has the say that it has to be Byron? Surely there are more people who have links with the town, other than Byron.

It seems that most of the trades companies are Byron. How about Coates, Caunt, Rolls or the Royce Business Centre. Any name other than Byron.

We already have a building called the Byron Centre on Ogle Street/Annesley Road.

We have Byron for two weeks in the year when the International Festival is held. How many visitors actually come to Hucknall and stay for longer than a look at the parish church etc, his statue and then leave?

How many actually attend the various events that are put on during these two weeks? We never see numbers or comments regarding these events.

How about the general public having a say in the naming of the new business centre in Hucknall for a change?

Otherwise we shall end up with the town being named Byronville. Would not that really hit the fan!



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