Why should we clean up after cats doing the dirty?

I ALSO agree with readers in the Dispatch who have found cat faeces a nuisance within their gardens.

I am also someone who has to put up with other people’s cats. Not only is the owner responsible for their cats, but it seems like the whole neighbourhood is too and has to clean up after them.

To the Animal Lover who wrote in to the Dispatch last week about picking on defenceless animals, I too am an animal lover and own animals (does not included cat or dog).

But sometimes the problems with cats pooing all over my garden — and everyone else’s — gets beyond a joke.

It’s very biased that anyone with a cat can think this is right and not understand people’s frustruations regarding things defecating in your garden.

Yes, I agree people should wear garden gloves — it is only hygienic to do so. But then again, who wants to even mess with cat poo with garden gloves on anyway?

I am a young mother myself and take pride in my garden. I don’t always enjoy doing gardening, but with now having to maintain gardens or face fines, I do my very best to keep it in top condition.

I have spent money and time planting new plants within my garden, and yet some ‘defenceless’ cat comes along and digs up the soil (even plants) in order to park their bottoms and do their lovely business.

The smell is atrocious, attracting flies — it is disgusting.

I recently had my garden improved, this time re-turfed and barked in places where my plants are now in planters. It still made no difference.

I have cats digging through the bark and now doing their business on the new turf. It is frustruating that cat owners cannot understand the problems non cat owners have with this.

I think it is ignorant and rude that the owners cannot have respect. I have faced problems with neighbours regarding their cats and had threatening and abusive behaviour in response to expressing my concerns. It just feels like no-one is allowed the right of speech because cat lovers cannot stand to hear that their cats are pains.

I would not expect anybody else to clean up after my animals, so why should those without cats have to clear up after cats they don’t own?

Get a cat lead and walk your cats and then clean up after them just like dog owners have too!

Cats seem like easy animals to myself, as everybody else as to do the dirty work involved with them!



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