Why so many new houses for Hucknall?

CAN someone explain to me why the powers-that-be are intent on building large numbers of new houses in the area, destroying in the process Green Belt and covenanted land without a care in the world for anyone`s opinion?

Anyone who moves around Hucknall from junction 27 of the M1 down to the bottom end of town at certain times of day can see we are close to gridlock. More housing will just make the position impossible without the improvement of the infrastructure first.

Now why are all these new houses needed? Do we have a large number of homeless people in Hucknall? Is there a major slum-clearance operation being carried out? Or is the government planning a mass immigration with people from abroad to fill our numerous job-vacancies?

Before anyone takes the hump with my questions, I know our population is constantly growing, thus the national housing-stock needs to be increased. But why here and by such a large amount?

Our population is not increasing at any great rate and most people around here cannot afford the new house-prices anyway.

A lot more houses are needed in the south-east, in and around London. Perhaps our political leaders may want to relocate people away from the south (what effect is that going to have on Hucknall?)

It`s hard to understand what our politicians really mean these days — because to be a good politician (as a very famous person once said), you have to be a good actor.

In my opinion, promises made at the last election and TV performances show this. What do you think?


Washdyke Lane, Hucknall.