Why was DVLA van parked like this at Tesco?......

Alan Waldron latter
Alan Waldron latter

JUST before Christmas, I called at my local Tesco in Hucknall. As I walked in, I observed a DVLA enforcement van parked outside the main entrance. It was still there when I left about 20 minutes later. I attach a photograph for your consideration. My questions are:

1. Was this van on duty at the time? My understanding is that a supermarket car park is private ground and therefore, I find it a liitle difficult to understand how enforcement can take place since no offence is committed by an untaxed vehicle (assuming it has SORN) unless used or kept on the public highway.

2. Why was it necessary to park on a double yellow line directly in front of the store, almost on a right turn in the car park, and just a few yards from the mother-and-toddler parking (the cars just beyond the van are in that designated area), thereby causing multiple hazards? If my assumption in question one is incorrect, and traffic law can be enforced in this area, does that not equally apply to the DVLA’s own vehicles, bearing in mind there were plenty of places where these officers could carry out their duties equally well without causing such an obstruction?

3. Irrespective of whether or not this vehicle was on duty, what code of conduct does the DVLA expect of its employees when using or, more exactly, parking its vehicles?


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