Will council block money-grabbing Tesco’s extension?

LET us see if Ashfield District Council really is trying to save the shops and rejuvenate Hucknall?

In the latest planning application by Tesco, featured in last week’s Dispatch, it wants to install a ‘pod’ or a franchised shop at the front of its store.

This could close at least two other shops in Hucknall. Will it get approved or refused by our ‘shop-caring council’?

The ‘pod’ is to be called Timpson and would cater for dry cleaning, shoe repairs, watch repairs, key cutting and engraving.

Just how many more lines of business is Tesco going to get its money-grabbing fingers into?

Well, well, the proposed Hucknall inner bypass just happens to run right past its store and bypass all our shops. What a bit of luck!

Pedestrianise the High Street? What for? There will be no shopping pedestrians!

Just remember, Tesco all started with a single-storey building. One year or so later, it was two and then on and on it goes, like a train out of control.

I think it’s time to hit the buffers, don’t you?


Watnall Road,