Will these 52,000 new homes benefit local population?

The Aligned Core Strategy proposes the building of 52,000 plus new homes, of which a minimum of 7,250, (almost 14 per cent of these new properties), will be built in Gedling Borough.

The Aligned Core Strategy, identified several locations in Gedling Borough for the possible housing developments including: Bestwood Village, Calverton, Ravenshead, Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm, North of Papplewick Lane and Top Wighay Farm. A number of other possible sites are still yet to be named.

I question the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategy and ask who these new homes are really for, and whether they will benefit the local populace.

Migrationwatch/ONS figures show 39 per cent of new UK households, or approximately 260 new homes a day, are needed for immigrants. By controlling immigration, large areas of British countryside will not need to be destroyed by house-building.

The proposals in the Aligned Core Strategy have such major implications, especially on green-belt land, local amenities, infrastructure, roads and traffic, that the character of Gedling Borough will be forever changed.

We have a situation where housing has become, (or is rapidly becoming), an impossible dream for the majority of younger people; so why not let us re-examine the possibility of redeveloping derelict properties? Gedling Borough Council’s own figures suggest that around two percent of the local housing stock is currently empty, of which around three quarters have been empty for over six months. This equates to 750 homes.

The Aligned Core Strategy also proposes four permanent Gypsy sites in Gedling Borough, two in Broxtowe, but none in the Nottingham City area.

It would be preferable to apply UKIP’s policy of binding local referenda on planning decisions; local people could set plans that reflect real demand in their own communities. This would be a fair way in which these problems could be resolved.

Lee Waters,

UKIP Gedling, Chairman.