Your stars for January

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Our astrologer John Thompson-Cambell looks at what the stars hold in store for you in the coming month....


Your whole focal purpose is on finding a way that suits you comfortably of gradually improving your life, and knowing inside that you are going somewhere, and are confident about your chosen direction in life. There is a personal change of direction in front of you, and you will be seeking strong support from your partner; otherwise you will begin pushing them away from you !


There is a turning point just about to come into your life where you will be making serious long term decisions. Your working life and your love life are going to be bones of contention, and the focus of some very deep thought, and perhaps some unpleasant and uncomfortable actions. As of January, a main theme will be that of friendships, from old, being rekindled, and new faces that make you laugh.

Gemini .

There is a great practical need to keep your eye on the ball, when it comes to what you are spending, and what you owe. You are encouraged to seriously invest in your own long term development; which will improve the outlook of your life given time. You do however also need to keep check on your physical condition, and try not to take on too much; or fatigue and burnout will most definitely be the result.


January is all about dealing with whoever you are seeing romantically, and looking at what you both can do together, so as to strengthen the bond and generally improve life here all over. There is a lot of activity here; thus a lot of activity being channelled . If single, then it’s very much a time to take your chances, and step forward, and show some confidence.


As you get into the new year, you will be getting yourself organised and sorting out your life, planning ahead, and getting your diary filled up with social dates. You will be quite serious about tying up loose end, and preparing to take on a brand new challenge. You will find that when you feel that you are starting to get on your feet; your main priority will become your love life!


Your sense of social occasion and vibrancy will extend past the festive season, and you will be looking for any reason to get out there and socialise with your friends. There is a whole host of activity in Capricorn at the beginning of January, as well as a new moon; signifying a time for initiating creative new beginnings.


Your family are going to be very much on your mind, and I see you making decisions that will positively affect your sense of domestic security, before moving forward to more leisurely matters, as you aim to experience more play, than work this year. Mars in your sign energises you, encouraging confidence and drive; but feeling antagonised in Libra; as such, you will be far more feisty in your approach towards others over the next few months.


You are by nature a reserved and secretive soul; however in January, communication is very much the name of your game, and I can see you being a very busy little bunny indeed, with a lot on your mind, and on your plate. You very much need to assure that you don’t take on too many family responsibilities. Remember that it is ok to let go and enjoy yourself; leaving that intense Scorpio side sit in the background for a while.


It’s a very financially oriented beginning to 2014 for you, with the planets plus a new moon lining up in Capricorn testing your sense of values, bringing a hint of fiscal common-sense into your Sagittarian “ Blow it all, enjoy life, and worry about the cost later” philosophy. You are going to be performing a fine balancing act with your pennies; but you will be more than ok.


A potential new phase beginning in your personal life Capricorn with a lot of energy at work in your own sign, plus a new moon triggering some very powerful planets, that could introduce deep profound transformation, having acute emotional effects upon your romantic life; especially with the emergence of a sensitive full moon in your opposing sign of Cancer midmonth.


The New Year begins a time of reflection, and perhaps one of rest and recuperation. A new moon at the end of January in your own sign encourages you to ask yourself the question: What do I want to do next ? Your strength will soon gather, with ideas and opportunities presenting themselves. You will get itchy feet, get decisive and want to get a move on.


There is a happy, pleasant month ahead of you; but one where you will have to make awkward decisions, regarding your values and personal priorities. You are going to be enjoying social time with your closest friends; but you are also going to be attending or receiving an invite to attend a family function, or gathering, and you could find this quite emotional and uncomfortable.