Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell cast his eyes over your horoscope for the week ahead...

Aries: It’s all go on the home front, as you find that plans begins to go on fast forward and life get on track. Any holdups or obstacle now seem to disappear, and everything now is about movement and decisiveness. You just might find yourself signing an important document now.

Taurus: You now begin to see everything very clearly, and in black and white. You mind now sharpens up, and you are set to let others around you know exactly what is on your mind, as you start to feel good about yourself.

Gemini : This is a week for getting your act together, and doing the right thing. You have a chance now to right a few wrongs, and do what you feel is right emotionally. You are going to start to feel good about yourself, and will feel your sense of self-value rising.

Cancer: Your life is just about to move into a slightly faster lane, and you decide that you do not want to waste time, getting a move on with things that are important to you; even though you know other folks opinions, and they are not exactly supportive.

Leo: Take note that openness, transparency and honesty are the very best policy, if you want to live an easy life, and you want others to treat you will the level of respect that you feel that you deserve. You have to take care against just who you trust with your secrets, as a very close friend doesn’t respect you half as much as you believe!

Virgo: You are set to have a heart to heart with a very close friend whom who believe has not exactly been straight with you, and something inside you has given you cause to question their actions; so right now you are just in the mood to set the record straight; whether they like it, or not!

Libra: Your mind is now starting to get very clear about what direction that you yourself see as being the very best to progress along. You are going to find that life begins to get faster now, and the momentum builds daily, and all forms of positive communications improve radically when it comes to your job, and your ambitions.

Scorpio: I think that you are going to find yourself very pleased with your lot in life at the moment, as you begin to notice that you feel far more organised with your thoughts, and you can see right in front of you, things that you would like to give a try, in order to upgrade the quality of your everyday life.

Sagittarius: You are going to be considering very deeply just how you can introduce a set level of change into your life; which has the potential to affect not only your marriage, but also your whole family life; albeit though, you are very ready now to get very decisive.

Capricorn: You are about to get a very decisive head on indeed about that person who knows you better than the rest of the world, and if there is no one, as such; then it is a brilliant time to step forward with assertive confidence, and try to initiate communications. Be daring and caring !

Aquarius: You should now begin to notice that the very structure of your working day is going to alter, and perhaps not for the best in your mind. Your co-workers may very well be of the same frame of mind as yourself, and some form of a re-organisation, will give you much food for thought.

Pisces: You are going to find yourself now in a very busy, but happy environment, albeit a highly emotional one, that is simply giving you much food for thought that is bringing out your maternal and caring nature, and thinking very much about your family life.