Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over your weekly Horoscope for Monday 8th to Sunday 14th September.

Aries: You will find that this week feels a bit like you are experiencing the calm before the storm; as nothing much feels like it’s happening, and you really cannot be bothered with a load of high octane activity; end then suddenly, you perk up no end and your life goes into fast forward.

Taurus: This week could very well be an emotional time for you, as you find yourself having to make a painful decision where you are looking for some support from those around; but you feel that others are oblivious to your feelings. This is going to have the effect of pressing your buttons, and a bit of a snappy temper could show at certain times this week.

Gemini: Your life this week will seem like a see-saw of emotions, and you feel like you are being pulled in opposing directions, as you are getting more and more blasé regarding your current working life; and couldn’t really care less; whereas in your love life, your ears seem to prick up as someone new comes on your radar; and you like what you see !

Cancer: You are going to be engaging in a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing, in an aimless fashion, and getting nowhere fast, and you are starting to get very restless with yourself, and just want to make yourself useful. This week, try to slow yourself down on purpose, and see what life and fate brings to you; as soon you are going to be a very busy bee; with not a lot of spare time to yourself.

Leo: There is a high probability this week that you will experience a slight persecution complex and even try to convince yourself that there are some who do not have any faith in your abilities; and perhaps don’t even like you very much. When you find very little evidence though to support your paranoia; you will decide that it’s time to get yourself out for a night and knock back one too many !

Virgo: I think that you are going to be initiating silly arguments with your partner this week; for what he or she thinks are pretty stupid reasons. There is something inside you that simply does not feel right and you are questioning and analysing everything and going a bit OTT, it has to be said. You have the potential this week to enjoy life, and have quite a lot of fun; but will make very hard work of it !

Libra: You are putting a lot of time and energy into mulling over your normal working day, and are going to be very much in the mood to begin making a few key decisions about permanent change and improvement. Your energy levels are now rising and you are going to be very much set on making your home life a far happier and brighter place to be.

Scorpio: You are about to find yourself just in the right mood to go out and keep your eyes open for brand new experiences. You are going to feel strong enough to begin stepping forward and take a chance on being adventurous; which will make you feel really good about yourself.

Sagittarius: Even though you feel like you could take on the world this week, and seem to be experiencing a bit of a zest for living a little and sharing the good news, there is a hint of sadness in your background. There is something around you that you deem as being very personal to you, and no-one else’s business that is giving you cause for concern.

Capricorn: If you push yourself, or try to prove yourself, you will only find that you are your own worst enemy, this week is very much a time for keeping not only your thoughts, but also your efforts in quiet mode. Simply sit back or lie down and have a little bit of quiet “me time”; sinking into your inner world, and listen and watch. You could learn a lot about yourself through this action; Try it and see !

Aquarius: Although this week coming up, there should be a fair amount of frivolity with friends; you could end up the week feeling slightly lacklustre wondering if what you have around you, and at your disposal, is all there is to your life; as your life is beginning to feel a bit like groundhog day. This is telling you that you need to break a few patterns and look at introducing a little bit of something new !

Pisces: This is a very important week for you to be thinking and considering issues that are very personal and very close to your heart. You could do with some good solid company, but are going to be feeling very isolated with your thoughts; and I feel that you are going to surprise a few, plus yourself when you suddenly announce that you are going to be moving on from where you have been working for a while.