Your stars for the week ahead

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over your horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you in the week ahead...

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21st September 2014, 8:15 am
John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Aries: You are now coming into a short period when you feel that you are being forced into making relationship decisions, and maybe even having notions of starting afresh, with a new perspective. You will be thinking really deeply about this; which takes you away from your real priority, which is to put a bit of power and energy into your career.

Taurus: You should have reason to smile this week Taurus as someone at work makes it very obvious that they would like to get to know you a little bit better. Whilst you are going to be very flattered by this, you have a worry about emotional baggage at the back of your mind; and as such, your approach, instead of enthusiastic, will prove cautious.

Gemini : A really good time ahead of you where you seem to be just in the mood to play the dating game, and you may very well have your sights set on someone that you work with, who you would have never considered previously, as you were not in the position and would have probably been rejected anyway.

Cancer: The next few weeks are going to prove to be very domesticated for you and your other half; as you are going to be spending a few enjoyable hours wondering exactly just how you can pretty up your home, and I believe that you are going to be hosting a family party.

Leo: It’s a week for organising and re-organising you daily lifestyle and probably making little changes here and there, which will make you feel a little better within yourself. You are going to have many thoughts running through your mind regarding sweeping changes that you see as essential with your family life.

Virgo: You are going to be spending a little bit of money on yourself, and spoiling yourself, just to make yourself feel better. You are going to be considering booking a special private meal just between you, and that other person that you share every secret with. There are changes though, about to arise in your family life; some will be painful!

Libra: We are moving into your birth month and you are about to come alive, feeling full of energy and confidence, with a deep down knowledge that you are getting exactly where you want to go, bit by bit. You are about to enter into a healing process at home in your family life where pain will possibly come before pleasure, and your means of earning your income will be very much on your mind.

Scorpio: This week finds you being very vocal about issues that are very dear to you, and whereas your partner encourages you to keep your thoughts to yourself; you simply do not see why you should. In the back of your mind you are ready to work towards making a few alterations in your everyday life, and others are hoping secretly that this is just a passing phase.

Sagittarius: You are about to start to feel inside that you want to get out a bit more at night time, and experience a bit more of a social theme. You want to move away from “ all work and no play”, which is leaving you feel in a bit of a rut, feeling that everyday life has gone a bit stale and boring.

Capricorn: There is a strong planetary focus here on your job, and on not only improving your working conditions, and maybe even on changing the role that you play, as you feel it just might be time to end one phase and move onto pastures new. The money that you earn is a big factor and a main catalyst in your decision making process here; as you simply know that you can do better for yourself.

Aquarius: You are going to start feeling that you are totally in the mood to liven your life up just little, and are more than ready for a bit of a laugh, and some proper leisure time, and I just know that you are about to put some of your skills to good use, and quite enjoy what you are doing in your spare time.

Pisces: Although you may feel in a light hearted frame of mind this week; it is soon going to dawn on you that you are about to undergo, a period of deep introspection, and perchance a little bit of painful soul searching which could induce a few tears. Even though we are coming to the last few months of the year, you are shortly going to be looking at holiday brochures and booking something certain for next year.