Your stars for the week ahead

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over your horoscope for the week ahead, Monday 25th August to Sunday 31st August.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 24th August 2014, 12:11 pm
John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Aries: You are entering into the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end; as you are soon going to be making important decisions which will affect how you conduct your overall lifestyle. This will introduce brand new people who will be supportive; but you will be choosy regarding who you choose to associate with.

Taurus: You will find that you are now keen to try out a new hobby, and if you can use this to make you a little bit of extra pocket money in the future, so much the better. Since you are a practical fellow Taurus, you will enjoy being engaged with something that allows you not only to use your mind, but also gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty; making yourself feel useful.

Gemini : You are going to have your OCD head on this week, and your home is going to undergo a proper old de-gunging and a cleansing session. I think that you might go as far as to purchase a brand new piece of furniture, and have a dabble at a bit of Feng Shui, in an attempt to raise the vibration ; closing the door on the old, and welcoming in the brand new.

Cancer: There is going to be a hell of a lot on your mind this week, and you are going to be seeking a bit of solace, and your own space, so that you are able to think clearly and decisively; without others contaminating your thoughts, and influencing you adversely. It’s time to think “ minimalist”, and to simplify your mind from any unnecessary complications.

Leo: When it comes to getting anywhere at present Leo, your prioritised approach should be a cautious, conservative approach, combined with a flexible attitude. Whilst this doesn’t really come natural for any typical Leo; a sensible stance combined with a “Can do “ attitude will win the day.

Virgo: It’s time to have a good old think Virgo about what you feel you have to offer to the world, and also what the world has to offer you in return? What do you truthfully think would make you feel happy and content that you could realistically work towards? Take your time here; but be decisive as well !

Libra: From this week onwards you are going to be in a reflective state of mind for a few weeks; pondering your next direction. Your mind is going to be firmly set on altering your working life for the better, possibly changing your surroundings and who you surround yourself with.

Scorpio: This is a very good week for getting your enterprising head on, and working out just what you could do that would enable you to earn a few extra pounds in your back pocket by using your own natural skills. It’s time to get practical and useful and see what you can create; I think you will not only find this time well spent; but also quite enjoyable as well.

Sagittarius: Your thoughts will be very much on your job, and the people that you spend most days of your working week with. I think that part of you will be thinking a little negatively at first; as you begin to decide if you want to change life here, or decide to stay put, for the moment anyhow.

Capricorn: There will be a realisation from this week onwards that if you really wish to improve not only your working life, but also your personal life, that you will need to work for it mentally, and upgrade your qualifications. This is the way forward to a better pay packet; and needs time and effort !

Aquarius: The Sun in Virgo has a tendency with yourself to sink quite deeply and profoundly into your shell, and to even feel a bit negatively about yourself. This next few weeks is about soul searching, and looking critically at yourself; and deciding what is not working for you, and getting rid whilst strengthening what is !

Pisces: As of this week, for the next few weeks, life is about learning about yourself through your interaction with your partner, and how you yourself can improve life for the both of you. If you are single; then asking yourself “ Why are you single ? “ and working on yourself so as to get your life back into “ double figures “.