Your stars for the week ahead

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell cast his eye over your weekly Horoscope for Monday 14th July to Sunday 20th July.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th July 2014, 12:09 pm
John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Aries: You find this week that you turn into a man of action, as you take a good look around yourself, and see that your life has changed, or is altering in certain areas, and you are going to decide to make further positive changes and improvements; and are set on keeping the trend alive.

Taurus: In your eyes, you see life progressing nicely, and moving on; in a way that you feel comfortable with. This is true, especially with your home life, where over the next year you are going to be initiating plans to do a bit of entertaining. A very decisive time coming along shortly in romance !


You are now going to feel very much that its time to ring in a few changes in your personal life, and are going to notice that some around you are going to be indirectly providing inspiration for ideas in your mind, for little projects that you would like to give a bash, just to see what you can achieve in your own right.

Cancer: From this week onwards you feel like stepping your pace of life up, and getting out and about a lot more, and I think you will love every minute. You are just in the mood to enjoy yourself, spend some money, and spoil yourself just a little, and I think you are about to spend a bit more than a little, on a holiday.

Leo: You are now entering the luckiest year of your life, where you are now advised to keep your eye out for any promising opportunities and grabbing them with both hands. You will now find many reasons to smile and celebrate. However, on the other side of the coin, you are from here on in, going to notice a bit more of a serious atmosphere within your family at large.

Virgo: Even with the best of intentions, you could end up at times, feeling like the world is conspiring against you. You are going to want to do your very best for those around you; but are going to be left feeling a bit unappreciated. You are now going to view it as a wise move to begin to formulate a long term contingency plan for your future: you are going to plan for the unplanned!

Libra: Your life now gets livelier, as you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel in your career, and can see your options. You have things to thinks about, but will waste no time, in making quick decisions, and will find life enjoyable from now on. There is more leisure time upcoming with friends and for the first time in your life, you are more than happy to save your earnings: you are thinking wisely and long term. You now view money as power to choose, and freedom.

Scorpio: You are now about to realise what your way forward really is. You have come to a stage where you have learned a few lessons in life, and are about to feel that you are in a position to make a few enlightened decisions and live with the consequences.

Sagittarius: You now see that life is altering for the better, and are starting to adopt the view that the sky is the limit. Optimism, is where you are going, and big is beautiful as far as you are concerned. Like everyone else, you are about to get away in the sun. I feel that you will overdo the celebrations a little, and laugh a lot. Njoy.

Capricorn: I feel that you are about to love a bit of attention, and at the same time get a bit concerned about warring factions, as you become aware that you have two differing parties competing for your attention. You are going to feel quite flattered, and even find the banter with each of them quite funny at times.

Aquarius: From this week, you could feel that your luck has changed when it comes to your love life. Your life is about to become bigger and better, but this game is definitely meant for two. This year is certainly not a solo year, as either you have your eye on someone brand new, or vice versa, and if you take my advice, get out and about and see new places. Travel is highly starred.

Pisces: Even though you are about to experience your personal life as being very chatty and leisurely, you feel very definite in your aim to improve your whole lifestyle, as you now want more out of life, and I think that you realise is that the one main focal area is in your working life; but realise you have to achieve better qualifications, or learn a brand new trade or skill. It’s up to you really; it’s your choice: stay as you are, or improve your life by learning.