YOUR VIEWS: Why if you’re born poor in the East Midlands, do you stay poor?

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The East Midlands is one of the worst places to come from if you want to get on in life.

That is the conclusion of a major study into ‘social mobility’ in the UK conducted by the Government’s Social Mobility Commission.

Social mobility is the ability of poorer people to do well at school and find better, higher paying jobs in later life.

The report says that those in the East Midlands from disadvantaged backgrounds do worst than any other English region.

And within the East Midlands, Newark and Sherwood in Nottinghamshire is the worst performing local authority.

The full information can be found on the BBC website, but we want your views as well.

Do you recognise this picture of our area? Do you think your background has held you back in life?

If so, are there any solutions to the problem and if so, what are they?

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