Youth jobless rates too high

Youth unemployment is still unacceptably too high, says Bulwell MP Graham Allen.

The latest unemployment figures, released last week, show that youth unemployment in Nottingham North still has the tenth highest unemployment rate of people aged 18 to 24 in the country, with over 800 young people currently unemployed.

Commenting on the figures, Mr Allen said: “Here in Nottingham North youth unemployment is still unacceptably high at 830. This government is letting down our area.

“We urgently need action to get young people into work. The government must act to give young people the chance to earn a living with better quality apprenticeships and must help the thousands left behind in the last five years.

“Nottingham North can’t wait any longer for action. Ministers must take action before they condemn a whole generation to joblessness.”

“Locally, a jobs fair back in March had nearly 1,000 people attend and of those nearly 150 ended up finding employment. I hope that this success can be repeated in future, especially with the rebuild of Basford Hall FE College coming in the near future. When finished, it will allow our young people to develop the skills and training they need to help get into work.”

Nearly six out of ten unemployed young people polled said anxiety had stopped them from sleeping well, over half said feeling anxious stopped them from asking for help while 41 per cent said it stopped them from leaving the house, according to a survey of 2,265 16 to 25-year-olds published in a new report by youth charity the Prince’s Trust.

Martina Milburn, the chief executive of the Prince’s Trust, said: “Thousands of young people feel like prisoners in their own homes.

“Without the right support, these young people become socially isolated - struggling with day-to-day life and slipping further and further from the jobs market.”