Yvette up for top women’s award

Yvette Price Mears, Midlands finalist of Women Inspiring Women 2015.
Yvette Price Mears, Midlands finalist of Women Inspiring Women 2015.

Mansfield Woodhouse volunteer has become the Midlands finalist in a National Awards Ceremony for the UK’s most inspirational and aspiring women.

Yvette Price Mear, who has devoted her life to volunteering is the Midlands finalist for the Women Inspiring Women awards, Sponsored by Damsels in success.

Yvette, 53 he has raised over half a million pounds for various Charities in her local community despite her being registered disabled.

Over the past 40 years, Yvette has volunteered and raised money for almost 20 charitable organisations, such as MIND and the British Red Cross. In 1993, she founded the Pet Bereavement Support Group, which has provided a befriending and support service to bereaved pet owners nationwide.

Modest Yvette said: said: “I am really pleased to have been nominated - I don’t think I’ll win because there are some really high powered women who have raised millions of pounds in the running.”

Four years ago, Chad reported how Yvette had been awarded the prestigious Order of Mercy medal for her service to the community.

She addd: “I’ve only been able to devote myself to voluntary work as Tony my beloved husband of 34 years has always given me 100 per cent support so I can live my life this way.” The national awards ceremony will be held in Birmingham on 13th June. To vote visit http://www.wiwawards.co.uk/awards_nominee/yvette-price-mear-olm/?category=woman-in-the-community