Jesus Strikes Back: sick PC game that lets you play as Hitler and murder feminists and gays slammed

A video game where players can slaughter feminists, gay people, and migrants and play as a character modelled on a man suspected of massacring worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand, Brenton Tarrant, has been slammed and a petition has been launched to ban it.

Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day allows players to act as characters modelled on Jesus, Adolf Hitler and Brenton Tarrant to kill people.

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In the £12 PC game - which can be bought using a credit card or bit coin - players can play a Donald Trump character who dangles a transgender woman off a roof.

Another scene in the video game depicts a Russian President Vladimir Putin lookalike beating a feminist with a sign.

They can also play as a character modelled on Brenton Tarrant, the Australian gunman suspected of massacring dozens of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand in March,

The website blurb boasts the game sees 'JC' "the biggest enemy of the New World Order" returns to earth and he "has no choice but to act fast".

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Petition launched to ban the game

An online petition calling for the game to be banned has attracted 3,800 signatures and PayPal has permanently banned the developer from using its services.

The controversial online game was released in February for purchase from

Gamers can play as caricatures of notorious right-wing figures such as Hitler, Trump, Putin and Mussolini.

The websites boasts players can target "Social Justice Warriors, Feminazis, Rainbow Militants, Alien Invaders, Fake News Journalists, and Baby Killers".

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Bosses - targets that gamers can attack in bigger battles - include Barack Obama, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelossi, and American politician Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

According to its homepage, the game is set in a 2028 ruled by "homosexual billionaire reptilian satanists George Sorrows and Mark Cuckerberg".

A so-called "army of radical illegal aliens" is unleashed, spreading "from city to city pillaging all in their path, looting and raping EVERYTHING and EVERYONE".

The blurb then says that Jesus Christ, "the biggest enemy of the New World Order", returns to earth - and "has no choice but to act fast" when negotiations fail.

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Screencapture from the sick parody PC game Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day where you can play the part of Brent T to kill people. SWNS

It says: "He must team up with the last remaining straight males - Tromp, Dolph, Pootin, Napolion, Mussolino, Bolselnoro - and free the people.

"They must defeat the New World Order leaders and then finally upload Facts and Logic to the system - freeing the people from the social media matrix and ultimately the grasp of the tyrannical Jew World Order and its supreme overlord ... Noseberg Shekelstein."

Derogatory online comments

The game also has a comment page, though it's difficult to tell if the accounts are real or bogus designed to boost the game's popularity.

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Comment headings are derogatory and aggressive - and targeted against women, homosexuals, and Jewish people.

Though the game has been panned by the LGBTQ community, it has attracted gamers on Reddit who describe it as a "wholesome game" about "fighting degeneracy".

Another said the game was about Jesus "coming back to Earth scorched by socialism and religious fanatics. I hear the liberal screeching".

One said "actually sounds pretty good" while someone simply wrote "sounds funny".

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Comments on the petition to ban the game show that many don't see the funny side to the controversial game with one user branding the game "appalling" while another commenting the game "promotes the hate and genocide of a group of people who deserve our support instead".

Screencapture from the sick parody PC game Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day. SWNS

Intended 'as a parody'

A disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage claims that Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is a parody satirising modern political culture as a whole.

And the game’s developer defended the content, saying: “This video game makes no comments whatsoever on political affairs, race, religion, sexuality, gender or real-world individuals or organisations at any time during gameplay.”

But a petition on to ban the game has already gained support, on grounds it "false messages about Christianity and the LGBTQ community".