BLOG: Disappointing defeat to Yeovil begs many questions

Adam Murray
Adam Murray

Right now I’m sat here writing my blog scratching my head and frustrated that we actually lost against Yeovil on Saturday.

It was undoubtedly a shocking defeat to one of the worst teams I’ve seen at Stags for many a year!

It was a smash and grab in the last few minutes and they didn’t even deserve a 0-0 to be honest. So I’ll start with some questions for people and if you can all answer them then please let me know.

Could it be a big mistake in not bringing in a striker instead of Colin Daniel?

Why no 4-4-2 at home when it’s been working?

Why no Beardsley or Yussuff from the start?

Despite those questions, we did have more than enough chances to win the game once again but there was far too many poor performances.

It doesn’t help during the game though when Greenie is offside 25 times. That’s not me having a go at Greenie but surely this is something he needs to work on as it happens in most games.

In my opinion obviously we needed the six points from the last two games and as most people I have spoken to have said, we can’t see that we’re going to get many points against the teams around us in games coming up.

So it looks like now that we are having to put up with mid-table this season after such promise which is a bit disappointing to be honest.

I certainly think we are one of the top teams in this league as I’ve still not seen a good team at our ground again yet this year so far.

I never thought we would be struggling at the bottom but as it stands we may well be mid-table unless our form picks up against our so-called promotion rivals.

There is another tough game next week against Bristol Rovers coming up and we have to be more lethal in front of goal- that is a must.

Krystian Pearce being back available and Matty Blair too will be positives as I think we missed both against Yeovil.

The form in which Matty has been in recently was certainly missed as neither player who came into the starting line-up played well at all.

So all in all a big improvement is needed and please let us win a game again to get out this little rot!

To finish with, I’ve heard over the weekend people calling for Adam Murray’s head. Give your heads a shake - there is nobody better for this club at this moment in time than the man we have got!

He is learning and we’ll get there I’m sure of that. So come on Adam Murray’s barmy army and COYS!!