Plumtree try to claim points after game is called off with Covid-hit Hucknall

After seeing two Nottinghamshire Premier League games wiped out by players isolating with Covid last weekend, Hucknall are frustrated to hear Plumtree are trying to claim the points.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 11:05 am
Jake Wright - in isolation after Covid symptoms.

When Covid has forced postponements through the summer, teams have rearranged the games.

But after losing the trips to Plumtree and Caythorpe last weekend, Hucknall director of cricket Robin Maxwell said: “Plumtree wanted to take the points but we said no.

“We called it off with the league basically. We refused to play as it wasn't safe.

“It was the same on Sunday and we are hoping both are going to get rearranged, though we know Plumtree are still trying to get the points.

“It has been strange all the way through.

“We played Plumtree earlier in the season when we had two out after Covid tests. Plumtree refused to change the game so we ended up playing and losing.

“Every other team seems to have amicably agreed with their opponents that they wouldn't play so it's a bit frustrating. We need the league to step in.

“I think they will end up just extending the season somehow. Kimberley have about four games in hand.”

On the Covid cases, Maxwell said: “We had two players with positive tests and another one who was isolating.

“Jake Wright had symptoms from the Wednesday. He has a lateral flow test on Thursday which was positive and then had to wait for his PCR results.

“It was called off on Friday evening and his results didn't come until past the game's start time in the end.”

Hucknall had only just hauled themselves out of the relegation zone and Maxwell added: “It has been a frustrating season all round.

“Our pro Sol Budinger has barely played as he's been playing for Notts. We have hardly seen him.

“We've not seen much of Sam King either as Notts have had him a lot and restricted his game time.

“It's been a funny season. We have probably the strongest side we've ever had on paper. But we can't get that strongest side out!

“It seems everything has conspired against us a bit. We can still win any game.

“The games with the lower clubs have been pretty tight but we've come out on the losing end of a lot of them.

“We've just needed a bit of luck at times. I think we will be okay once we get back playing as we have a good side.”

This Saturday they host Caythorpe in the NPL and the play in the T20 finals day at Cuckney on Sunday.