Easy as A-B-Cee for UK champion in Spain

EASY AS A-B-CEE! -- Caroline 'Cee' Oliver wows the judges in Madrid.
EASY AS A-B-CEE! -- Caroline 'Cee' Oliver wows the judges in Madrid.

Bodybuilding champion Caroline ‘Cee’ Oliver is confident she is in the best shape of her life ahead of this weekend’s UK Championships.

Teacher and mum Caroline (38), who is head of PE at the award-winning Bulwell Academy, will be defending her title at the championships, which are being held at the Harrogate International Centre in Yorkshire.

And she goes there fresh from success at the prestigious Arnold Classic Europe tournament, named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was held in Madrid, Spain last weekend.

Caroline took on bodybuilders and fitness athletes from all over the world. But in the women’s fitness category, rather than the body-fitness category, she bagged two top-six finishes.

She was placed fourth on the opening day and then a highly creditable sixth overall -- behind top athletes from Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Brazil and Finland.

“I’m so happy with my results,” beamed Caroline as she returned to work at Bulwell this week.

“I am now looking forward to stepping on to the British stage this weekend at Harrogate to defend my British title.

“There will be a new points system in place for IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) athletes, and I am one step away from getting my pro card.”

Globetrotting Caroline also finished in the top ten of the IFBB world championships at Kiev, Ukraine last month.

Ans she feels she is “in my best shape ever” after working hard with experienced personal trainer Mark Coles, who is director of the respected M10 Fitness training facility in Nottingham.

“I’ve worked so hard on my new shape since starting with Mark,” she said.

“He has pushed me hard every step of my journey, and without his knowledge and dedication to assist me, I wouldn’t have got the results in Madrid.

“I have busted a gut with cardio sessions at 5.30 in the morning, gymnastics practice twice a week and gym sessions four times a week to tighten up my appearance.

“My mission was to gain tighter glutes (gluteal muscles), a wider back and bigger caps on my shoulders, as well as to reduce my body fat.

“My main ambition is to get professional status that would allow me to compete in the USA with the top elite athletes.”

As well as working with Coles, Caroline has also been helped by top IFBB professional fitness athlete Ryall Graber-Vasini for her routine and stage presence and Cuban gymnastics coach Juan Carlos, of Tuyo Acrobats.

All this while still holding down a full-time job at Bulwell Academy!



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