Andy Graves wants to bolster Hucknall Town’s attacking arsenal

Hucknall Town manager, Andy Graves.
Hucknall Town manager, Andy Graves.

Hucknall Town boss Andy Graves is still on the hunt for a new striker.

The Yellows have come close to bolstering their front line options but have pulled out of two deals due to financial demands.

But Graves remains optimistic about adding to his attacking arsenal throughout the season, which begins this Saturday (3rd August).

Hucknall kick off their 2019/20 East Midlands Counties League Premier Division campaign with an away trip to Teversal FC.

And they go off the back of a tough pre-season schedule.

“We’ve had a tough pre-season, which we set out to have,” said Graves. “We’ve had some mixed results but we’ve had a look at a few new players.

“I would have liked to have got a striker in but the two strikers I spoke to went for £120-150 per game to other teams in our league. I think that puts things into perspective where Hucknall Town are concerned.

“I don’t get any money from the football club itself. The bonus pot is money through sponsorship and the supporters’ 200 Club.

“Those figures we are up against are out of our reach.

“But it just shows what you can do without being stupid, as we have done over the last four or five years. We’ve got the club financially stable and for the first time in 12 years the club has this year made a profit.”

The club’s financial state is the biggest positive for Graves.

“The fact the club is on a stable footing financially is the most important thing,” he said.

“I still have to stress to some of our supporters that we don’t have loads of money to throw at it. We do things the proper way, everything is traceable, and getting the club on a stable footing has always been the objective. What we’ve achieved football-wise is a bonus and a credit to the lads because they’ve stuck with it and been loyal.

“I don’t make wholesale changes every season - those that do come in have to buy into what we’re doing.

“It’s the same people, the same committee, who were involved four or five years ago.

“You don’t have to look too far away to see where problems start when clubs start chasing the dream.”

Last year’s Central Midlands title-winning season was seen as the result of the club’s five-year plan and Graves said this season could be seen in a similar light.

“We’ve achieved what we’ve wanted to on every front - making the club stable and sorting the football out.

“That was the plan and you might say there’s another five-year plan in place.

“We’re going up into a different league and just because we won last year doesn’t mean to say it’s going to be easy this year.

“There are a lot of big clubs in there who can afford what certain players command.

“Anything above halfway next season is a good season - there’s no real pressure on us.

“Then, after this season, we’ll know what it takes.

“Just like how it was in the Central Midlands when we got thrown into it with a bunch of kids.

“If it requires more on the football side then the club might have to look at it differently,” added Graves.