Blog: ‘Diving’ and ‘rubbish refereeing’, Stags fan shocked and angry after Luton defeat


Stags blogger Danny Catling gives his thoughts on all the latest goings on at Mansfield Town.

He writes...

Well even though this week we were defeated, I was very angry and shocked as I left Luton’s ground.

We didn’t deserve to lose at all and the very least we deserved was a draw.

A couple of days before the game we got confirmation that Joe Fitzpatrick had been recalled from his loan which will have hopefully done him good if he gets into the team.

With word from Adam that it was down to a few players having a virus then I can understand this.

I go to the Saturday and the teams were named and there was no Chris Beardsley who we found out after the game had picked up an injury in training.

There was however a return to the team after a long time out with injury for Matty Blair.

Brilliant to see him back even though he didn’t feature.

As the game went on Chris Clements also picked up a injury, so now it looks like when we play Plymouth next Saturday Joe Fitzpatrick will definitely be needed.

As well as possibly a loan player who could be brought in just to cover the gaps for however long they will be out.

We will also be without captain Nicky Hunt who picked up his fifth booking of the season with another dodgy decision from the ref but that’s a normal thing when watching the Stags.

I’ll stay on the subject of the referee as he gave a penalty to them and looking back at the video of the incident again and from being there at the game, Mackail-Smith for me dived and got the three points for them.

The ref should have taken note that he had been diving all game and should have seen he tried to con him to get a penalty but as we all know referees don’t have much common sense.

I’ll admit that if we had have lost the game to the Mackail-Smith overhead kick that got disallowed I wouldn’t have minded as much because it was a absolute cracker.

In the first half we didn’t play our best but still defended very well and stopped them from having many chances throughout the match.

In the second half we gave a very good display and at the very least we deserved a draw.

But as we know in football if we don’t take our chances we won’t win games.

As I have stated above I was disappointed that we didn’t get the three points as very rarely have we come to Luton and had more chances than them and not won.

I was angry due to us losing a game from a shocking decision to award the penalty, maybe it was down to home pressure from the crowd, or maybe the ref just being rubbish. Who knows?

But I certainly know that if we keep up how we are playing then as Murray has stated in his interviews the road to glory could very well happen.

It is going to be a really tough game next week against Plymouth as they all are, and being a very smallish squad we need to all pull together fans included.

And as we did in our last home game the away team have to be worried about playing the Stags and not the other way round.

So come on Adam Murray’s barmy army and COYS.