Boss Evans excited by quality of Mansfield transfer targets

Mansfield Town manager, Steve Evans.
Mansfield Town manager, Steve Evans.

Mansfield Town boss Steve Evans said he was excited by the quality of players he is hopeful of bringing into the club in the January window.

Evans will meet with chairman John Radford and chief executive Carolyn Radford today (Wednesday) to lay out his plans ahead of Saturday’s trip to Exeter City.

“We have had a wonderful response from players and their representatives and we are just trying to piece it together,” he said.

“We are excited. There is no doubt that people, players and managers particularly, raised an eyebrow when I agreed to come here.

“I made it particularly clear that it was because of the Radford family and the support and verbal assurances I was given at that time by the chairman and the chief executive.

“They have told me to get on and run the football side of the club, to make my recommendations and come back with true values that I think we should be doing to make us a success in this league.”

Evans added: “I will repeat to the fans that if someone is worth £20,000 for example, we are not going to be paying £40,000.

“If someone is worth £500 a week, we are not going to be paying £600 a week.

“I have to have value for money and I know that’s the way Mr Radford and Carolyn Radford deploy themselves across their businesses.”

Names are being kept under wraps for now, and Evans said: “The one I would never do to the supporters is tell them it’s not happening, but obviously there are degrees of confidentiality about it.

“Decisions are now being made on people - players and staff, positions in the team - and I am looking forward to a meeting with the chairman and chief executive tomorrow.

“We will formalise more next week when we really get into the nuts and bolts of it, but some calls have been made, approaches have been made for players, and we are trying to ascertain whether they are loans or permanent transfers and if fees are involved.

“We have done a lot of work and analysis. So thanks to Paul Raynor and to Shaun (O’Callaghan) and the analysis department.

“We are working so hard to make sure we get transfers right as a manager is only as good as his recruitment, and a lot of people play a part in that.

“What we are trying to do is make sure whoever we bring in has the same application as that group in the dressing room.

“I am looking to bring in three or four players. But they must be value for money. And they need to be starting or the chairman will ask why I am spending his money for players to be sitting on the bench.

“We have two fantastic games at home over the Festive period.

“A Boxing Day fixture is always special, particularly in front of your own supporters, then we have a ‘derby’ against Doncaster, who are right up there.

“So there is never a better time for us to pop into that top group as we go into January, and then Santa Claus will come for the Mansfield fans when we sign a few.”