BREAKING NEWS: Hucknall boss turns lifesaver on holiday

Hucknall Town manager Andy Graves
Hucknall Town manager Andy Graves

Hucknall Town manager Andy Graves turned lifesaver on the first day of his Spanish holiday this week when he hauled a French youngster out of the deep end of a pool.

“I had an interesting first day here, saving a young kid out the water from drowning,” he said.

“I am in Spain on holiday and was just looking for the gym in this complex we are staying in.

“I was on a balcony just outside the gym and there was a woman screaming in French above. I looked down at the pool and there was a little kid who’d gone in.

“Everybody else was just sitting there. So I ran down the stairs, jumped in the pool and dragged her out.”

He added: “She was a bit lucky as everyone else was just sat there and I don’t think they realised what was going off. It was just fortunate I’d come out the gym as her mother was shouting off the balcony.

“The little girl had been left with her brother and her father and he’d gone to get a drink. The little kid had just wandered into the pool, like kids do, to get to her brother and just gone straight under. It’s not like it was the shallow end – it was about 1.8m deep. I think everyone thought she was playing.

“Luckily I could tell what was happening. It was a big adrenalin rush first day there. Hopefully the rest of the holiday is a bit calmer.

“At least I now have a free pass for the rest of the holiday for the facilities.”