Catling’s Corner: Mansfield Town are the pride of Nottinghamshire after derby win

Mansfield Town v Notts County.
Mansfield Town v Notts County.

We finally stopped the run of games without a win. And just like buses one win brings two for the Stags.

Havaing not written a column for three weeks I haven’t said what I thought on Micky Moore leaving and us bringing in a new assistant manager next season.

For me I think it’s a good idea. No offence to Micky Moore, but I think it is time we had some fresh ideas with Murray to push us to that next level.

Now to the games in which I missed at Hartlepool and Carlisle. From what I have heard it was cracking performance and a decent performance with ten men against Hartlepool.

We probably did things the Mansfield way though as you’d have expected us to get the win against Hartlepool and the potential defeat at Carlisle, but that’s what we do.

And that is probably why I love this club in a weird way.

The Notts County game was the best and easiest derby I have ever seen us in. Other than 20 minutes towards the end of the first half we were by far the better team and it could have been eight or nine goals, that’s how easy we made it.

We won this however 5-0 5-0 5-0 5-0 and it really is a shame that we embarrassed and taught them a lesson in how to play football, not only in this game but in the reverse game at Meadow Lane.

Well done Mansfield town, we truly are the pride of Nottinghamshire. We had many good performances on Saturday from in particular for me Jack Thomas, Matty Blair, Adam Chapman and Matty green.

But all round, the team was all good and it was that easy that near the end of the game we was taking the Micky.

That’s how far this team has come on this season and it really is a shame we are not in the play-offs.

As things stand as I think our team is decent enough to be in there with the teams that are.

We now roll on to Exeter on Tuesday and we need to keep up the way we played against County, if we play like that we can beat anybody in this league.

I still can’t believe how poor we made Notts county look though and I certainly didn’t expect that score before the game even though I expected us to win. For me it was also pleasing that we performed in front of a big crowd and I hope the crowd that was there yesterday come back next Saturday and support us again against Barnet.