CATLING’S CORNER STAGS BLOG: Proper football is back!

Mansfield Town's Daniel Rose - Pic by Chris Holloway
Mansfield Town's Daniel Rose - Pic by Chris Holloway

A huge welcome back to Catlings Corner.

After what seems only a very short time since the season finished and after a very poor Euros, proper football is now back to watch.

What a very hectic summer it’s been at the Stags.

We have seven new signings in Danny Rose, Ashley Hemmings, CJ Hamilton, Pat Hoban, George Taft, Rhys Bennett and Kevan Hurst. - a huge welcome to the Stags and please get us promotion this season!

Since my last blog we have other movement with us having a new assistant manager/coach in Karl Hawley plus a brand new U21 boss in Mike Whitlow from Burton - a big welcome to both of them too.

Also I’d like to give a mention to Keiran Coupe, who’s a big friend of mine, well done to him for being kept on at Stags as a coach.

After what I have seen so far in the three games I think we are still short of players.

The defence is very short of bodies and, for me, we need at least another couple in that area.

After watching the games, like last season, I think Mitchell Rose will be a vital player for us this season.

I said these exact words last season. I have to be honest and say that I have not been that impressed so far, but as we all know it is only about fitness for the players at the moment.

The ones to stand out for me so far are James Baxendale, who looks extremely fit, Mitchell Rose and Danny Rose, who hopefully will be a good partner for Greenie.

So far this pre season I’ve seen us beat Rainworth 2-0, draw with Clipstone 2-2 and beat Carlton 4-3 so the bigger games are up and coming for us.

It would be nice to see one or two more signings before the next games as I think a right back is essential.

Also, someone to keep Mal Benning on his toes would be good.

Hi Adam - as well as I know you read this so I have one question for you. Where is Joe Fitzpatrick so far this season?

I’d also like to say how nice I think the new away shirts and training tops are.

I’ve had people tell me who aren’t Stags fans how much they like them, which makes a change.

So welcome back everybody and come on Adam Murray’s barmy army!