CATLING’S CORNER STAGS BLOG: Worksop win confirms my thoughts


Welcome to the final week of pre-season as the Stags prepare for Newport after a win at Worksop.

In a game which we won comfortably I had several things confirmed which, to be honest, I thought before the game anyway.

Like I said in my blog last season, if Mitchell Rose stays fit and plays all season we’ll be high up that table come the end of it.

The only thing with Mitchell Rose for me is that he should be playing the defensive midfield role in front of the two centre backs instead of Adam Chapman.

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No disrespect to Chapman, but he isn’t a defensive midfielder and if we have players playing there we need one of Jamie McGuire, Lee Collins or Mitchell Rose to play that role.

Chapman needs to play further forward with a Chris Clements or Jack Thomas if we play a 4-3-3 type formation.

From what I have seen this pre-season Danny Rose looks like he’s going to be the main striker and Greenie certainly needs to do more this season. Both players for me need to be scoring 15-plus in order for us to be challenging.

Last year I mentioned Clements and I am again this time.

He and Thomas need to be getting at least 10 goals apiece this season. There’s my challenge again to you two and I know you read this last year Clemmo!

Those are my opinions, so if people agree or disagree then let me know. Back to the game against Worksop and one questionable aspect of the game was that we had another trialist - not a left back this time but a centre back.

Yes he did well when he came on but surely we have to be looking to strengthen either at right back or left back?

These positions worry me if Bennett or Benning get injured.

I would like to welcome new signing Kyle Howkins on loan from West Brom and I bet you’re pleased you now playfor a good team in the Midlands.

Yes, that was me being humorous. Welcome Kyle.

As some Stags fans have mentioned today, it was very weird to find that Adi Yusuff and Joe Fitzpatrick were both missing from the team photo. Does it mean both will be leaving?

Steve Hymas did tell me that Fitzpatrick could play for another team on a Saturday, which makes sense, but where was Yusuff?

To finish off my blog with happy news, young striker Zayn Hakeem really impressed me at Worksop.

He was a bundle of energy and got what he deserved with his goal - well done young lad, keep it up!

I enjoyed it at Worksop and was made to feel welcome.

I met a couple of blokes who were die-hard Worksop fans and one told me about all the scouts watching one of their players, Denton I think, so a bit of scouting work done for you as well Muzza.