Deal on the table at last for Mansfield Town winger Matty Blair

Matty Blair on his arrival at Mansfield Town.
Matty Blair on his arrival at Mansfield Town.

Winger Matty Blair could be back in the Mansfield Town squad this week if he can come to an agreement over a new contract with boss Adam Murray.

Blair, who suffered a serious knee injury in February but is now fit again and feeling stronger than ever.

“We will sit down with Matty this week and, if we come to an agreement in negotiations, we will sign him,” smiled Murray.

“He is running, he is twisting, he is turning, and he looks powerful. People who remember Matty before he got his injury will remember him being a bit lightweight because he is so quick. His legs were like sparrow’s legs.

“But the work he’s done, his is stronger than before he got injured. So we are getting a new improved Matt which will be fantastic for the fans and to get him back into the squad, what a lift that’s going to be.”