Evans refuses to let Stags ‘boo boys’ spoil win

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans is refusing to let a small number of ‘boo boys’ around his dug-out take the edge off Saturday’s fine win.

Evans and assistant Paul Raynor have suffered abuse from a tiny number of fans in recent home games and Evans was so angry on Saturday he sent Raynor out for the post-match analysis.

Evans said on Monday: “It was more aimed at Paul Raynor than myself. But I’m not going to speak about these five or six people out of 3,500 Stags fans.

“When we scored the equalising goal I thought the roof was going to come in. But I thought the roof was coming in when we scored the winner.

“That’s tribute to the Stags fans. They are wonderful, they are passionate, they are caring and supportive.

“So I’m not going to five credit to five or six people by talking about them. Let them live in their own little world.”

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