First aerial pictures of Hucknall Town’s new home

editorial image

Aerial pictures of Hucknall Town’s new home have been released by the club.

Situated on Aerial Way, almost opposite to their current home on Watnall Road, the Yellows’ new ground is taking shape with a lush green pitch already visible from the skies.

Around to the left and top of the pitch there are concrete bases set and ready for the spectators’ stands to be built - as work continues on preparing the new clubhouse.

Town boss Andy Graves remains hopeful the new ground will be ready in time for his team to move to and start playing their home matches on from the turn of the year.

He said: “We’re hopeful of playing at the new ground in January but we’ll have to see. We’re fortunate that we can carry on playing where we are so we don’t have to ground-share which could have caused us some issues. When it’s ready we’ll move across.

“You can see the grass has grown, the concrete areas for the stands and the floodlights. The clubhouse development hasn’t started yet. We were told the structure of the stands could be done by the end of June but it’ll be the clubhouse that will take the time. There’s a lot of work that needs doing on that.

“We’re still not anticipating being in before Christmas. It’ll take as long as it takes but it’s started and we’re on our way.”

The ground has been described as a “like-for-like” with Watnall Road, with improved clubhouse and room for potential if and when the club decide on expanding.

“The club house will be far superior to what we’ve got now,” said Graves. “It’ll incorporate changing rooms among other things and we’ll be able to hire it out for functions. We do well now but with the new facility that will give us even more of a chance to bring in funds.”

Meanwhile, the club will be hosting its annual end of season presentation evening this Friday (May 19th) at Watnall Road.