Hot Hucknall still looking for new hitman

Hucknall Town Joe Ashurst.
Hucknall Town Joe Ashurst.

Despite a fifth Central Midlands League South win in a row that stretched their lead to three points, Hucknall Town boss Andy Graves still wants another proven goalscorer.

Graves revealed last week that he had put seven days notice in for one, and said this week he has other irons in the fire just in case.

Hucknall are the division’s leading scorers, but Graves still wants the added security of another good goalscorer, saying: “I think anybody would want that – someone who instinctively knows where the goal is.

“Sometimes those sort of player don’t do all the other work but they are there in the right place at the right time. They have that little bit of quality in front of goal.

“People think it’s the easiest thing in the world to score a goal. I know the goals never move, but it’s easier watching than it is when you’re in that situation for one reason or another. Some players just have a knack.”

On the player he was chasing last week, he said: “Nothing has happened at the moment.

“I am looking at a few other possibilities in case this one we’ve got our eye on doesn’t materialise. I can’t see anything happening for the weekend.

“I think we’ll take young Niall Towle with us to Aslockton on Saturday on the bench.

“We were creating chances but, for whatever reason, they didn’t go in for us on Saturday. It would be more of a concern if we weren’t creating them. But we are, so I am not panicking or anything yet.

“If we can get this striker in, we’ll get him in. If not we’ll look elsewhere.”

Graves improvised last weekend by moving his top scorer Joe Ashton inside.

“We played Joe Ashhurst in a more central role – he normally plays out on the left,” said Graves.

“I think he’s just been pipped as the league’s top goalscorer and, to be fair, most of his goals have come from out on the left.

“But I can remember him from when we first started at Hucknall and he was playing against us for another team as a more central striker.

“It worked and I can’t fault his work rate. He wasn’t to blame on Saturday. There was more than one player that were missing on Saturday.

“If you look at out statistics, Joe is our leading goalscorer, but our goals do come from a lot of different places.”

It finally took a 94th minute goal from Devante Reittie to shoot down South Normanton 1-0 last Saturday.

“Better late than never,” smiled Graves. “It was quite frustrating to be honest as I didn’t think it was ever going to go in.

“We hit the crossbar a few times and had some horrible misses.

“First half we weren’t brilliant and the opposition didn’t want to lift the tempo. They wanted to play it at their own tempo and were quite happy to keep the score down.

“We said at half-time that the game was going to pass us by if we didn’t lift the tempo ourselves in the second half.

“We were better then and we made a couple of changes, which helped.”

Hucknall head for newcomers Aslockton and Orston this Saturday with manager Andy Graves admitting: “I don’t know a great deal about them.

“I do know from many years ago they used to have a very good youth set-up and I’m sure they’ve got some good young players playing for them at the moment.

“But it’s up to us. We’ve just got to make sure we do what we are good at.”

Aslockton sit 10th, 14 points behind the Yellows, who are three pointss clear.

Even better news for Hucknall on Saturday was to hear that unbeaten second-placed Sherwood Colliery had been held 2-2 at home by Hilton Harriers.

“It was a good day all round but we don’t worry about other teams, we just concentrate on what we are doing,” said Graves.

Hucknall reserve team manager Matt Farmer has left the club.

“Paul Stevenson has taken back over running the reserves and Matt Farmer has stepped down,” said

“He was on his own doing it, which is a big job, and his health has not been brilliant.

“So I’d just like to thank Matt for all his hard work while he’s been here, wish him well, and we hope his health improves a lot and I am sure we’ll see him around soon.”