Hucknall hit by yet another blank weekend

Holbrook St Michaels v Hucknall Town (Holbrook yellow strip)
Holbrook St Michaels v Hucknall Town (Holbrook yellow strip)

Hucknall Town’s hopes of gaining momentum have again been halted by yet another blank weekend.

They bounced straight back to winning ways in the Central Midlands League after their first defeat at Holbrook St Michaels with a 3-0 win over Blidworth Welfare, but now face a two-week lay-off.

“We have a blank Saturday again which is not helpful, then we play Holbrook Sports a week on Saturday,” said boss Andy Graves.

“That’s three or four Saturdays we’ve had blank.

“What we don’t want now is to miss another Saturday. Even though we’ve been on good cup runs there have been plenty of free Saturdays to be playing still.

“But we are about three games behind certain teams now which is not ideal.

“We can’t predict what weather is coming either.”

Hucknall are still waiting for news on their fixture with Ashland Rovers, cancelled the night before due to Rovers’ inability to raise a side.

“I don’t know whether it’s being replayed or whether we are going to get the points,” said Graves.

“They pulled out on the Friday evening and the game got cancelled. In the past points have been awarded to the team that were ready to play. We are waiting on the league to notify us.”

However, the blank Saturday has one silver lining.

“When we saw the lads hadn’t got a game, they have been organising their Christmas night out on Friday, so they have been a bit on tenterhooks just in case we had a game dropped in there at the last minute,” smiled Graves.

“We have arranged a friendly a week on Wednesday against local Sunday side Bowman just to give us a game before Holbrook. That will be better for us than a training session.”