Hucknall Town chase new faces for busy run-in

Hucknall Town FC v Staveley Miners Welfare Reserves, pictured is Sam Simms
Hucknall Town FC v Staveley Miners Welfare Reserves, pictured is Sam Simms

With a backlog of games mounting up in their chase for the CML South title, Hucknall Town are looking to recruit new players for the busy run-in.

“We are in a good position, but we are looking to strengthen various positions,” said boss Andy Graves.

“We are going to face a tough run-in as we will have to catch up on games.

“We are also going to have a few people away so we have to think of ways we can cover that too.”

But Graves warned that any new faces would have to quickly embrace the club spirit and rotation policy.

“Anyone coming in will have to buy into what we are about. It’s been a squad all year,” he said.

“This season for probably the first time since I have been involved here as manager that we have been able to concentrate on the football properly.

“Before now there have been other things going on in the background due to the state of the club when we took over.

“People don’t understand that - and I don’t expect them to. The majority of the players have been with me for two or three seasons.

“This season there have been no bottom lips. We rotate and choose a team to win a game. We are all in it together.

“It won’t be the same XI every week and if you can’t buy into that you can go and look elsewhere.

“They know that, as a club, we look after them. We don’t pay the money that people say we pay – you hear some ludicrous sums.”

Graves needs at least two players more, saying: “I would definitely like two and maybe three possibly at a push.

“It’s knowing what players we need. I know we are going to have one key player missing for the last four games – I won’t name him – which will probably be crucial games.

“If I didn’t try to fill that hole I would not be doing my job.

“We know the players that we want, other clubs will want them as well. And we can’t dangle money in front of them unfortunately.”