Hucknall Town’s Jack the lad stars in TV dating show

HOPING TO SCORE -- Hucknall Town footballer Jack Lomax (PHOTO BY: MTV)
HOPING TO SCORE -- Hucknall Town footballer Jack Lomax (PHOTO BY: MTV)

A Hucknall Town footballer is the star of a new reality TV show that launched this week.

Jack Lomax (22) is one of eight young single guys and girls on the MTV show, Ex On The Beach.

They were duped into taking part in what they thought was a straightforward dating show on a dream holiday.

But once filming started in Marbella, they soon realised the show had a cheeky twist.

For while they were sunning themselves on the beach, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends turned up to ruin the fun!

To find out what happens to Jack, who lives in Ilkeston with his mum and dad, you’ll have to tune in (Sky 126) on Tuesday nights to find out.

But suffice to say his footballing career with Town was put on hold when he answered auditions to appear in the show.

“Jack is a very talented midfielder who was with us last season and also this pre-season,” said manager Andy Graves.

“But then he mysteriously stopped coming training and there was a veil of secrecy as to his whereabouts.

“We heard several reasons why he couldn’t attend. Even his brother Joe, who also plays for us, said he couldn’t say.

“It now transpires that he was filming for this big-money reality show. I’ve no idea why he swapped a dressing-room full of sweaty blokes for a paradise islasnd with gorgeous girls! But he says he will be ready to play for us next season!”

Jack, who works in a car body shop, describes himself as “a lad’s lad who lives for the weekend”.

“I am about doing what I want -- when I want,” he said.

In a promotional video for the show, he admitted that he is “usually the one who gets dumped”, but added: “I haven’t really had a proper girlfriend. I am more into meeting girls on one-night stands.

“My last relationship was with a girl for a few weeks. But she was a nutcase, so I ignored her.

“I don’t graft for girls. I’m not one for buying them flowers or treating them to nights out. I let them buy me the popcorn at the cinema.”

Jack says his ideal girl is a brunette with a “gorgeous smile” and long hair “that I can grab on to”.

But his nightmare relationship would be a “clingy” girl who kept texting him, wondering where he was, or a girl “who farts in front of you”.